DataSet Documentation

Note: EDR refers to Experiment Data Records, or uncalibrated data products. IDR refers to Intermediate Data Records, products whose data have been calibrated, resampled, or derived.

Catalog Information
Instrument Information
AHD Data Set Overview
AND Data Set Overview
EDR Data Set Overview
CGS Data Set Overview
DND Data Set Overview
DHD Data Set Overview
SGS Data Set Overview
Software Interface Specifications
EDR Archive Volume SIS (PDF)
Appendix to EDR SIS (PDF)
Ancillary Documentation
Bad Code Definitions
GRS Calibration Report (PDF)
Neutron Spectrometer Calibration Summary (PDF)
Description of Gamma Processing Workflow (PDF)
Description of LANL Neutron Processing (PDF)
Description of HEND Processing (PDF)
Description of Clock Corrections (PDF)
GRS Command Dictionary (PDF)
GRS Message Dictionary (PDF)
Gamma Compression Description (PDF)
Neutron Compression Description (PDF)
Time Conversion Tables
Bad Data Timeline (TXT)