GRS Data Interface Index of Terms

Index of Terms:

The following are quick links to helpful web pages on various GRS Data Interface topics:

bad data, or bad code: Data which is suspect or known bad will have a value greater than 0 in the bad_code or bad_flag column (field) during a specific range. Data may be flagged bad due to known hardware changes, gain changes, or other factors. For more information on bad codes and data, refer to the EDR Dataset Description document.
Relevant Web Pages:
Listing of Bad Codes

Data Record Viewer: This software is available under the link in the PDS GRS Data Interface for installation on your PC. It allows the user to peruse the data, labels files, and columns information of a GRS data archive.
Relevant Web Pages:
Data Record Viewer Help

Ephemeris of Mars: This table allows you to determine angle of Ls and year for a specific Martian season.
Relevant Web Pages:
Time Conversion Tables Document.
Latitude-Longitude Chooser: The Data Interface's Latitude-Longitude Chooser allows you to quickly select a Martian geographic region of interest using a graphical interface.
Relevant Web Pages:
Latitude-Longitude Chooser help page.